Applying constrained virtual environments to serious games for heritage

Virtual environments are an important aspect of serious games for heritage. However navigable three-dimensional (3D) environments can be costly and resource-intensive to create and for users to run. In this paper, we propose an alternative approach using “constrained virtual environments”, which present an environment through a series of reduced fidelity two-dimensional (2D) scenes without exhaustive […]

Lessons learned from implementing project management games

The purpose of this paper is to identify the principles governing successful project management serious (educational) game design and implementation by identifying lessons learned from implementing such games. This paper applied a triangulation method that qualitatively blends the perspectives of project management practitioners, game designers, and learners. The findings of this paper suggest principles of […]

The Play Your Process Method for Business Process-Based Digital Game Design

This paper presents a game design method for the development of serious games which aims to provide business process understanding to players, as well as to allow them to reflect on process challenges and difficulties. The design of serious business process games requires game designers to have business process modeling skills and instructions on how […]

An interdisciplinary perspective on gamification: Mechanics, psychological mediators and outcomes

Three concepts are identified as being central for how a gamificator, the one responsible for gamifying, gamifies a process. These are mechanics, mental mediators and desired outcomes. Following this logic, a review was conducted using 77 (n) articles across seven disciplines, namely health and wellness, crowdsourcing, sustainability, computer science, software development, business, and tourism. The […]

Shadow’s Edge

A free mobile game for teens and young adults that empower players to discover their personal story and to find courage to express them authentically as they live with significant health challenges. Teens are engaged through their mobile game to come to terms with their experience. It brings together technology and psychology to support teens through the journey of their […]