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The Serious Games Society (SGS) is the think tank where the future of games for learning can be discussed and put into practise.


The SGS has been designed to bring together the cutting edge companies, institutions and individuals researching on and developing Serious Games. We focus on helping members in connecting and benefiting from the wide range of resources available in the Serious Games space.

The SGS aims at becoming the reference point on Serious Games and Gamification at the scientific, technological and professional level.

The SGS’s core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence in the field of Serious Games and Gamification for the benefit of all the people. The SGS fosters research and technology transfer between research, industry and educational establishment in the multiple disciplines involved in SGs design, development and deployment. The SGS provides a platform at European and international level for generation, promotion and co-ordination of SG-related activities, from research to marketing, from corporate training to university education. The SGS promotes the development and use of Serious Games across sectors (health, business, cultural heritage, etc.) and contexts of use (formal education, corporate training, leisure time). We aim to extend the application domains and expand the market for Serious Games.


In our vision, SGs will become a new, reliable tool for learning, training and improvement. Educators, trainers, consultants etc. will be able to exploit reliable information and services to select the most suited games for their specific needs and objectives. SGs will be able to adapt contents and presentation modalities to the different user needs and preferences. This will be achieved thanks to an extensive use of accurate tools dedicated to the design, authoring, configuration/ adaptation and use of SGs. A comprehensive framework of services (including learning analytics, dialogue management, virtual characters’ emotion management, etc.) will be available in a cloud, for efficient and effective development of SGs, featuring extensive interoperability. Such services will provide adaptivity, personalization, user profiling, automatic dialogue management, emotion management, virtual character management. The SGS’s engagement is towards the birth and uptake of a science of SG analysis, design and deployment.


The Serious Games Society was born from the GALA Network of Excellence, a multidisciplinary consortium of 30 partners from all over the EU. It comprised universities, research centers, SMEs and large enterprises.

The project was funded in the Seventh Framework Programme from October 2011 to October 2014. Here you can find out more about the GALA project.

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