A free mobile game for teens and young adults that empower players to discover their personal
story and to find courage to express them authentically as they live with significant health challenges.
Teens are engaged through their mobile game to come to terms with their experience. It brings together technology and psychology to support teens through the journey of their illness and empowers them to take charge of their emotional health.
Using the metaphor of reviving a city struck by a storm, players are guided through a process of self-inquiry and expression within an urban gaming environment.
By responding to writing prompts and covering their city in graffiti, players uncover their personal story and build their emotional resilience to tackle the challenges they face.
It was created by Little Chicken Gaming Company in association with Resonance House, LLC, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Community Foundation SiliconValley.
It is not easy for teens to talk about the dark and scary side of illness. Shadow’s Edge challenges teen patients to tap into the healing power of self-expression.
On iPhone, browse for Shadow’s Edge in the App Store to download.
On Android phone, browse for Shadow’s Edge in the Google Play Store to download.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shadowsedge.diggingdeep&hl=en
Demo presented at the Exhibition space in GaLA Conference 2018 https://lnkd.in/eMrEQVw

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