GaLA Conf Laval 2020, last call!

Did you sign up for GALA 2020, if not you can still do!
This is quite amazing for a scientific conference, but we are already 160!
To keep you waiting for the beginning of the conference (9th and 10th of December), we are starting a series of 6 challenges on tweeter @GalaConf2020.
You still have until the end of the day to answer the first one, which is very simple. You simply need to send a tweet with the photo of your Laval Virtual World avatar and #GalaConf2020.
We will randomly choose one of these tweets and send the winner a box of local French products (chocolates, biscuits, jam…).

Int.l Journal of Serious Games, Vol. 7 No. 1

We have just published the first 2020 issue of the Int.l Journal of Serious Games.

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