Umanager, 2nd place at GaLA 2018 Awards, SG Academy category

Umanger, 2nd place at GaLA 2018 Awards, SG Academy category!Umanager is a management game designed to promote the development of young students’ entrepreneurial skills. The game offers young people the opportunity to deal with the management of a touristic village, stimulating decision making and problem solving skills in a reality-oriented environment.

According to Umanager CNR team, the reward raised confirms that “a work conceived and developed by people belonging to different fields of knowledge can achieve excellent results and motivates us, as a team, to deepen and improve our game in being an effective research instrument and a powerful learning tool. The official recognition of the hard work done for the realization of the uManager Serious Game represents a stimulus for our future work”

Lost Earth 2307, 2nd place at GaLA 2018 Awards, SG Business category

In Lost Earth 2307 players liberate the galaxy from an evil cult by accomplishing reconnaissance missions, which is to analyze aerial or satellite images, to annotate them and to report. It’s a story driven 4X strategy game where the mission results closely correlate with the further story progress and the amount of available resources.

Look at the link below for a video’s demo

Navigo Pyramid of the Lost Words wins GaLA 2018 Awards, SG Academy category

Navigo, Pyramid of the Lost Words is the winner of SGS GaLA 2018 Awards, Academy category!

In Navigo, the players are taken on an adventure into a mysterious pyramid, encountering a range of different puzzles. 

The puzzles help players to develop the skills and confidence needed for them to develop their reading skills. An adaptive learning system and comprehensive set of language learning data ensures that the content players encounter is tailored to their level of reading competence.

“Fish in a bottle Ltd” is honoured to have received GALA SG award as ” it’s great to receive recognition for all the hard work that fish in a bottle and the entire iRead project team has put into developing Navigo”.

Take a look at the promo video:

Imaginary’s Resuscitation Game wins GaLA 2018 Awards, SG business category

Neonatal Resuscitation Training is the winner of SGS GaLA 2018 Awards, category Business.

The game – developed by Imaginary srl – is a 3D game-based simulated learning tool, targeted to healthcare professionals, that allows learning by trial-and-error in a risk-free environment, while keeping a high level of realism.

According to Imaginary, “the prize confirms that the market is ready for innovative solutions in the health training environment”.

Link to the game video: