Here is the list of all the Serious Games rewarded at the international GALA competition competition :


2022 – Tampere, Finland

CATEGORY ACADEMY: MediaWatch: Tampere University (Game-based learning group) and University of Helsinki (Department of geosciences and geography), Finland

CATEGORY BUSINESS: Agents of Influence: Alterea Inc., United States

CATEGORY STUDENT: Numbers and Letters: Ulster University UK, California State University, Fresno USA



2021 – La Spezia, Italy

CATEGORY ACADEMY: TriagED – M. G. Degroote School of Medicine at McMaster University

TriagED won GALA 2021’s academic game category

CATEGORY STUDENT: Don’t Spread It – Université du Québec à Chicoutimi



2020 – Laval, France

CATEGORY ACADEMY: KeepStep – Tabriz Islamic Art University

CATEGORY BUSINESS: IfSimulation – My-Serious-Game

CATEGORY STUDENT: ASL FingerSpeller – Glasgow College

2019 – Athens, Greece

CATEGORY BUSINESS: Sci-Ops: Global Defense – Plasma Games

Sci-Ops: Global Defense

CATEGORY ACADEMY: Harmoonia: Save the Guardians – B. Botte; Link Campus – DASIC

Gioele Casazza on Behance

2018 – Palermo, Italy

CATEGORY BUSINESS: Resusitation game – i-maginary

CATEGORY ACADEMY: Navigo – iRead project

Navigo - Pyramid of the Lost Words - Latest version for Android - Download APK + OBB


2017 – Lisbon, Portugal

CATEGORY BUSINESS: Mission Refueling – Interactive 4D

CATEGORY ACADEMY: Prosodiya – Tübinger Institut für Lerntherapie

Prosodiya - Lesen und Schreiben spielerisch Lernen (Deutsch Grundschule) for Android
2016 – Utrecht, The Netherlands

CATEGORY BUSINESS: Unlock: project management – Totem Learning


CATEGORY ACADEMY: HELD Serious Game Dutch Foundation – TU Delft Game lab


2015 – Rome, Italy

CATEGORY BUSINESS: Unlock: leadership – Totem learning

CATEGORY ACADEMY: Czechoslovakia 38-39: Assassination – Charles University, Prague

2014 – Bucharest, Romania

BEST LEARNING GAME: Info-Sentinel – Getzem Secure


2013 – Paris, France

BEST LEARNING GAME: The Siren Game – Siren project consortium

Aucune description de photo disponible.


2012 – Genova, Italy

BEST LEARNING GAME: Disney stars. The virtual sell – A. Gochgarian

Disney Starts, The Virtual Sell

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