Title: On GraphoLearn – the digital evidence-based method for supporting the development of reading skills in all learners

Speaker: Professor Ulla Richardson

Abstract: The evidence-based GraphoLearn app is used for supporting the development of early reading skills, especially in struggling learners. I will provide a brief description on the theoretical and methodological backgrounds of the GraphoLearn method together with findings applying the method into the scientifically designed learning environment GraphoLearn (grapholearn.com) in different orthographies but also for different types of learners. The focus of my talk will be on the design and development of the game in order for it to become a learning/training tool for all learners. In addition, I will present some of the challenges and possibilities GraphoLearn game log data provide for assessing and learning about individual learners’ performance (accuracy, time, and specific learning content) and changes of performance related to gaming sessions.

Biography: Richardson is a professor of technology-enhanced language learning in the Center for Applied Language Studies and adjunct Professor of Experimental Psycholinguistics and Research on Speech Sciences, Department of Languages at the University of Jyväskylä. She is head of the Secretariat of GraphoWORLD Network of Excellence (http://info.grapholearn.com/partners/), and UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Literacy Learning for All. Her research falls into reading and writing skills and development in different languages and orthographies, dyslexia research, interventions and skill assessments, phonology and speech processing as well as evidence-based technology in language learning. She leads the multidisciplinary GraphoLearn (GL) team which has developed the evidence based GraphoLearn learning environment (info.GraphoLearn.com) for more than 25 languages to support learners in developing their reading skills. Currently, she leads an international research project “AllRead” (funded by Fondation Botnar) and she has led several international and national research projects centered around GraphoGame/GraphoLearn including “Technology-enhanced environment for supporting reading development in all learners” (Academy of Finland), “Early identification and prevention of reading problems in alphabetic and semanto-phonetic writing (EU FP 7 Marie Curie IRSES funding), “Fluent-project”  (Lifelong Learning- Comenius funding), and “GraphoGame-project” (EC FP6 Marie Curie Excellence -funding).


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