A family, avatars of the players, arrives at a dilapidated country house where a professor had caused a failed experiment. The family has to accomplish different missions to contribute on conserving energy and help ing the device to return to a normal state. All missions (e.g. washing clothes on low temperatures) take place in the real world. It takes approximately 2 days to complete a mission. The game has 13 missions, 8 quizzes and an end-battle/scene. The end condition is reached when all devices and the professor are brought out of their confused state. The player is getting feedback on energy use and savings during playing, which is based on average energy consumption in the 21 days before the intervention started. A household is in competition with 7 virtual households.

The aim is to contribute to the stimulation of individual sustainable behaviour by studying how gamification can be a positive incentive for people to change their behaviour regarding energy use at home. It also aims to study whether transfer from game play to real life behaviour has a long-term character.

Demo presented at the Exhibition space in GaLA Conference 2018 https://lnkd.in/eMrEQVw

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