I played the games several times and I liked them much. My daughter enjoyed them too! Unfortunately she does not understand English so far… I think the games are really successful because their mechanics is really simple, but the metaphore they use is very appropriate to make pupils understand complex concepts. The games are complemented by educational videos which include interactive quizzes. I found this application original, informative and fun!

customer: Tate Kids and Wellcome Trust

developer: Preloaded

genre: puzzle

educational purpose: Art and Design, Science and ICT curricula at KS2 and KS3

target audience: children (8-12)

H&H taxonomy class: Science (neuroscience, including neural plasticity, spatial cognition, memory and language), Art, Literature

release date: 2010

platform: browser (Flash)


: (see

“As part of the Tate‘s exhibition program for 2010-2011, a major exhibition at Tate Liverpool on “Alice in Wonderland” has been curated, showing a diverse collection of works inspired by Lewis Carroll’s books.” …  “The Alice books create characters and situations that brilliantly dramatise and play with essence of many of the changes that go on in the life of a child.” “Wondermind is a unique suite of online games and interactive films for children aged 8-12, designed to illustrate the neuroscience of the growing brain in child development in simple, fun ways.”

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