Whilst there is a lot of resources out there for serious games, including of course this website, I though it may be helpful to bring up a few of the existing and new places where efforts are going on for connecting Serious Games and their developers together. Where applicable I’ve added some observations about each one.

The Serious Games Group on linkedin is now the largest collection of researchers, application developers and users working with Serious Games in the World, with over 4000 members. Join it at http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Serious-Games-Group-137156

The Serious Games Association http://www.seriousgamesassociation.com/ is a membership association run from the US by Sue Bohle http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sue-bohle/0/74/9b4 this is a part of the Serious Play Conference http://www.seriousplayconference.com/ also organised by Sue. And in some ways the close association with Bohle company would seem to suggest some content marketing going on rather than an independant organisation, but hey that’s always part of the plot.

One of the intersting sites is the Serious Games Directory http://www.seriousgamesdirectory.com/ which aims to be an online resource for the whole industry, covering games, sims and virtual worlds available commercially as wel as listing for technology vendors, consultatns, analyst, texbooks and academic institutions. The interface is not the best I’ve ever seen, its a shame that as a wordpress site it doesn’t offer any rating or commenting on what’s there which makes it rather difficult to know exactly what is new or what others thing about the product or service. It doesn’t actually help that there are ‘Test’ listings on the live site, which makes me think its not being maintained as much as it could be.

As for up coming events, the Serious Games Expo is happening November 21-22 2013 see http://www.seriousgamesexpo.com/

While the IEEE conf on Serious Games and Appications for health is on 14-16 May 2014 in Brazil see http://www.ipca.pt/segah2014/ with a keynote from our eminant Igor Mayer 🙂

And what appears to be a brand new Serious Games Conference is due to take place 23rd and 24th May in Korea see http://www.seriousgamesconference.org/

Other than these there doesn’t appear to be any other serious games conferences for the next 6 months? Have I missed something?

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