Bohamia Interactive Simulations launches VMS, Virtual Mine Space, a high-fidelity virtual environment for fast, efficient and cost-effective training for any mine or vehicle, delivered on any platform.

Virtual Mine Space (VMS) delivers measurable results in operator efficiency and significantly reduces equipment training downtime. Training using VMS allows your team – from vehicle operators to mine managers – to better understand site and operational hazards and improve safety.

Virtual Mine Space is a cost-effective, flexible solution that can be deployed to teach skills that could previously only be taught on-the-job. VMS moves beyond e-learning and simulator training to provide a robust training environment, which allows trainees to effortlessly transition from instructor-led classrooms, through to the real thing.

VMS allows for diverse training options, on varying mine types, using a wide variety of vehicles, on a range of platforms. Any mine type, vehicle or procedure can be represented in VMS using life-like, high-fidelity graphics. Training is available on a wide range of platforms – from smart phones and tablets, through to desktop computers and large simulators.

Virtual Mine Space provides comprehensive, large-scale and realistic mining environments, complete with a customisable library of characters and vehicles. Virtual Mine Space provides a virtual training environment like no other: it is portable, easy-to-use, flexible and cost-effective.

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Virtual Mine Space (VMS)

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