Virtual ECG is an online, high fidelity, simulation that aims to reduce the incidence of inaccurate ECG scans by teaching accurate recording of ECG scans through practice. Learners attach the ECG electrodes and cables to a ‘patient’ and record an ECG. The simulation then generates an ECG recording comensurate to the configuration of electrodes and cables; utilising real ECG data, the simulation is capable of generating in excess of six trillion unique ECG scans. The result of the learner’s recording is overlaid with an expert’s recording for the ‘patient’. Where the learner’s recording does not match the expert recording, errors are displayed. Textual feedback is also given to help the learner understand their mistakes. Using the visual and textual feedback learners can assess where they failed to correctly configure the recording, make adjustments to improve their accuracy and re-record the scan. Learners are invited to repeat the process until they have mastered the skill.


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