High level entries international art game contest Jheronimus Bosch

Seven rather than five competitors in the international pitch contest Bosch Art Game may develop their ideas for an original, artistic game inspired on Jheronimus Bosch into playable prototypes. The international jury selected six proposals from the sixteen entries. The jury decided to let the public’s favourite go on to the next round as well. The finalists, from the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the United States, will each receive € 2,500 and get five months to develop their prototypes. The overall winner will be announced towards the end of this year.

The first round winners of the pitch contest Bosch Art Game are:

˗       Brian S. Chung & GJ Lee from Jersey City, United States with The Triptych Game

˗       Espada Y Santacruz Studio from Madrid, Spain with Demons’ Revenge

˗       Tjupakabra from Amstelveen, the Netherlands with Everyman

˗       Urustar Srl from Genua, Italy with Zwan

˗       We Are Muesli from Milan, Italy with Cave! Cave! Deus Videt!

˗       YOCTOBIT from Madrid, Spain with They are

and with the highest number of votes from the public:

–    Maikel Kuys from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands with The Garden of Paradise

The jury, consisting of game specialists and public figures, was surprised by the contestants’ wealth of ideas. Major factor in the assessment was the interpretation of Bosch’s works and the way in which this was ‘converted’ into a game design. In addition, they looked at how the game must be played, how the game concept has been developed in combination with the available images and the presumable perception by the player. In the end the jury selected a number of simple ideas that made a powerful impression, combined with more complicated proposals that invoked curiosity, but of which the final result is not so easy to predict. ”The initial designs for the imagery of the games make us very curious as to how the winning plans will be developed”, jury chairman Ad ’s‑Gravesande said.

The finalists’ entries are listed at http://www.boschartgame.com

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