Serious Game for Quantum Research

Nevermind the layman but even physicists and engineers struggle to get to grips with quantumness and the mechanics that ride with it. Yet, the understanding of these mechanics are what that make televion and computers, for example possible. Quantum physics deals with infinitesimal interactions where physicalphenomena exist at microscopic scales that often do not obey the lawsof classical physics. Hence, harnessing quantum’s bizarre properties isfilled with philosophical conundrums. The Game for Quantum Research (GQR) presented at the recent SGDA’13 Conference aims to create a solution finding space through crowd sourcing to aid in solving a specific typeof problem in Quantum Information.

GQR can be viewed as a new breed of serious games for research where scientisits, physicists and engineerings are able gain further insights into various quantum mechanical concepts such as superposition and phenomenas outsdie classical physics.

Paper available here:

M. Ma et al. (Eds.): SGDA 2013, LNCS 8101, pp. 178–187, 2013.

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