developer: Ed Key and David Kanaga, CurveStudios (PlayStation)

genre: open world exploration

educational purpose: –

target audience: everybody

H&H taxonomy class: Heritage Awareness (Natural Heritage)

release date: 2013

platforms: Linux, Mac OS, Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita


During his Keynote at the GALA Conference 2014, Federico Fasce (Urustar) mentioned this indie game. It really surprised me: first of all, many think it is not a game! Well, actually there is no clear goal, no plot, no engaging interaction. It is an open world exploration in first person, with pixel-like graphics. The players reaches an island and can explore it freely during the night/day cycles and the changing of seasons, in a variety of landscapes full of plants and animals. What is really interesting is that the soundtrack changes depending on the location, especially near objects and animals. I personally think this is a very powerful way to train empathy with nature and raise natural awareness; therefore, I consider it a serious game for natural heritage, even if it has not been developed (possibly) with such an intent in mind.

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