PEGASE project is a Serious Game based on Learning Adventure (“LA”). LA is a Game-Based Learning Management System representing a 3D environment where the learning session takes place. The environment is generic in the sense that it is not dedicated to a particular teaching domain. With the help from a pedagogical engineer, the teacher adapts the environment before the session by setting pre-requisites between sub activities and by providing different resources (documents, videos, quizzes) linked to the course. Experiments have been set up for learning English as well as Project Management or Object Oriented Concepts in Computer Science. LA is thus a platform allowing one to describe, generate and enact different learning environments. The following items define the main characteristics of LA:

in the PEGASE project, the gaming environment is associated to a content platform (Audros). This content platform is a PLM system very used in SME/SMI. Moreover, a Trace-Based System (TBS) captures the behavioral traces and activity traces. These traces are essential to monitor the progress of the scenario. Thus, after several steps (collection, selection, transformation, aggregation of different traces), we are able to provide speciffic indicators giving meaningful information to the teacher. Moreover, some of these indicators may also be used to update the user model of each student and to present accurate information for the teacher. The interoperability issues were been resolved by relying on a service-oriented architecture.

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