New SG projects have started at UPS-IRIT!

The two following projects have been started late 2012 in the Vortex group at UPS-IRIT.

  • The TBL3D project: the goal is to build the modeling and complex data visualization of the Bernard Lyot Telescope, on the top of Pic du Midi, a mountain in the Pyrenees. It is a partnership with the Midi Pyrenees Observatory. The application will be remote operation tool (Networked Virtual Environment) for researchers and for students, including a serious game as training simulator. Another serious game will be dedicated for the Pic du Midi Museum. This project is supported by an Academic grand from the University of Toulouse.
  •  The 3DVOR project: with other partners, we develop a 3D virtual operating room for training students, surgeons, nurses and other involved people to respect medical procedures. It is a collaborative environment in which actors will learn to work together in order to limit risks and to enhance safety.

Another project, ZHP has been started in January, and the last announced one, SCOLA, will be launched in few weeks. You will be awarded about them soon.

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