The second issue of the second volume of IJSG presents papers covering a variety of serious games R&D aspects, from significant user studies to a health application, from an analysis of game-based learning to a description of an interesting system architecture. What I would like to stress is the effort made by several authors – in this one and in previous issues as well – of critically analyzing the values and the features of serious games, in order to pass from the hype of the proclamations – which not always made good to our field – to the rigor and concreteness of science and technology.


VOL 2, NO 2 (2015)




Alessandro De Gloria


Games are motivating, aren´t they? Disputing the arguments for digital game-based learning

Wim Westera

One Size Does Not Fit All: A Smarter Way to Develop Computer Assisted Interventions for Children with ASD

Michael B. Casale, Asim Mittal, Christina Whalen, Aubyn Stahmer, Jovy Quiocho, Sarah F. Vejnoska

Measuring Effectiveness of Persuasive Games Using an Informative Control Condition

Mara Soekarjo, Herre van Oostendorp

An Emotional Engine for Behavior Simulators

Santiago García Carbajal, Fabio Polimeni, Jose Luís Múgica


Simulators Observation and analysis of a classroom teaching and learning practice based on augmented reality and serious games on mobile platforms

Sylvie Barma, Sylvie Daniel, Nathalie Bacon, Marie-Andrée Gingras, Mathieu Fortin


Enhancing Healthy Habits Among Overweight and Obese Children Through Serious Games: Technological Comparison

Jon Arambarri, Isabel de la Torre, Miguel López-Coronado, Daria Druzhinenko-Silhan




Alessandro De Gloria

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