The first issue of the second year of the IJSG is presenting a special issue dedicated to the Games and Learning Alliance Conference (GaLA Conf), that was held in Bucharest in July 2014. The best conference papers were selected and invited for an extended version – with at least one third unpublished content – to be submitted in the regular IJSG evaluation process. In the end of the flow, I am proud to present four papers dealing with learning analytics, user studies for assessing effectiveness of SGs and of their components, and integration of game-based learning in curricula. The issue includes as well one regular paper and a communication for a special issue on mathematics learning games.


VOL 2, NO 1 (2015)




Alessandro De Gloria



Game elements improve performance in a working memory training task – Manuel Ninaus, Gonçalo Pereira, René Stefitz, Rui Prada, Ana Paiva, Christa Neuper, Guilherme Wood


Serious Games for Mobile Devices: the InTouch Project Case Study – Alfredo Imbellone, Brunella Botte, Carlo Maria Medaglia

Learning Analytics Architecture to Scaffold Learning Experience through Technology-based Methods – Jannicke Madeleine Baalsrud Hauge, Ioana A. Stanescu, Sylvester Arnab, Pablo Moreno Ger, Theodore Lim, Angel Serrano-Laguna, Petros Lameras, Maurice Hendrix, Kristian Kiili, Manuel Ninaus, Sara de Freitas, Alessandro Mazzetti, Anders Dahlbom, Cristiana Degano


Teaching Pre-Service Teachers to Integrate Serious Games in the Primary Education Curriculum – Margarida Romero, Sylvie Barma




State-of-the-art in Serious Games for Business – Panagiotis Petridis, Kyriaki Hadjicosta, Victor Shi Guang, Ian Dunwell, Tim Baines, Ali Bigdeli, Oscar F. Bustinza, Victoria Uren




Special Issue on Digital Games for Learning Mathematics – Alessandro De Gloria


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