developer: HumanoGames

genre: awareness game

educational purpose: the game allows the players to offer incentives for economic growth in developing countries, it fosters solidarity at a global scale, having changing the world as a major aim

target audience: everyone

H&H taxonomy class: Social awareness (Social responsibility, poverty, economic conditions), Interpersonal skills (empathy),  Personal skills (strategic thinking, decision making, proactiveness)

web page:

release date: 2012

platform: online (Facebook)

The gamers are put in situations where they find innovative solutions to management situations in developing countries. Through the in-game situations, players get to know more about the societal difficulties of countries with severe economic issues and they also have a chance to contribute. The players acquire management skills by developing their  own micro-business in the game and they can re-invest the profits won in the virtual world to support an entrepreneur start its business in real life. By opening a shop, building a home or maintain a garden, besides pleasing customers and helping friends, players can earn Happy Cash, which can be later on converted in real money which are used to make a difference by supporting entrepreneurship in developing countries.



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