GoVenture Health is a gamified ebook that introduces 59 health and wellness topics to learners aged 10 to adult.

GoVenture Health uses a new and innovative format for delivering educational content.  It is best described as a gamified ebook, or more precisely a gamified photobook.  Content is presented using a highly visual style and supported with achievements, rewards, and engaging interactivity to encourage reading and understanding.

•  Text and graphics are displayed together in photobook style.

•  Learners earn points and achievements at every step in their learning journey, which encourages them to continue their progress.

•  Designed to offer modular and flexible micro-learning experiences, learners can easily move in, out, and between various topics, text, games, and activities.

•  Progress can be saved and resumed at any time. Performance reports are updated in real time and can be reviewed by learners and submitted to the instructor in print or electronic form.


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