NWO CATCH symposium

28 June 2013, University Museum, Lange Nieuwstraat 106 Utrecht

Theme: Games and Cultural Heritage

Abstract: Within the Cultural Heritage domain, games are used in various ways. We are currently witnessing a large effort at international level towards the long-term preservation and accessibility of cultural heritage through many initiatives. While multimedia archives and the digitized artefacts and places offer easy access of cultural content to people regardless space and time constraints, it is through game mechanics that the large public is motivated to explore these resources. Serious Games (SG) enable visitors to explore a realistic and engaging virtual environment, and immersive gameplay can reawaken history and encourage virtual tourists to learn more. On the other hand, Games With A Purpose (GWAP) are games designed to collect annotation data or solve a problem. While playing the game, the users provide information about collections of images or music, that is otherwise laborious to obtain.

12.00-13.00        Lunch and registration
13.00-13.15        Opening
Day chair:  Remco Veltkamp (Utrecht University)
Jaap van den Herik (CATCH, Programme Committee chair)
13.15-14.00        Daniel Müllensiefen:
The secret formula of the perfect melody: Can musical features predict cognitive responses?
14.00-14.45        Toine Pieters
14.45-15.15        Coffee/tea break
15.15-16.00        Francesco Bellotti:
Educational Serious Games for Cultural Heritage. Opportunities, present and future
16.00-16.45        Ashley Burgoyne, Anna Aljanaki
16.45-17.30        Social Drinks

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