Game review: Clockwork Brain Premium

Reviewed by Fabrizio Bianchini



A Clockwork Brain Premium is a Smart Game by Total Eclipse (best known for “The Clockwork Man”) that allows you to discover a series of mini-games, especially created to test various cognitive abilities such as logic, arithmetic, language, memory, visual and spatial. The SG  can be used to perform brain training in schools and in a professional environment, under the supervision of the robot Sprocket. There are thirteen puzzle games that can improve different kinds of training like “Language Processing”, “Memory training”, “Arithmetics training” and others, to increase the brain abilities and you can train your verbal skill with nine languages; everything in the game is inspired by Victorian Age (Steampunk) and Mayan Art. The graphic is particular and very elegant: the colour palette includes red, green, gold and copper. There are a lot of Items like cradles, spoons, animals, fans, gears and statues, stone with hieroglyphs and much more. You’d feel like you were sitting to take a tea at the court of Queen Victoria, or exploring a Maya Temple as an archaeologist. There are two game mode, the “Challenge” and “Single Game”. In the Challenge mode you can play four of the thirteen puzzle chosen by the Artificial Intelligence, and earn stars at the end of the challenge. In the Single Game mode, you can choose one of the thirteen puzzles and play it as many times as you want to improve your performance and beat your high score. The game allows to perform an improvement of the brain functions like memory, language processing, spatial ability, logic and visual. The player can verify the improvement by the quantity of stars earned: The game motivates the player to repeat the puzzles often to improve brain skills because the puzzles’ score is included in the Local Scores, and the player can consult it to verify the progress step by step. The game contains a progressive level of difficulty during the completion of each puzzles and the evaluation is provided during the puzzles and at the end of them. The player can challenge his friends on the Game Center to compare his ability against the others. How long you can survive in the challenge of Sprocket? Expand your brain abilities, collect tokens and unlock special upgrades like wallpapers, new challenges and much more! You can get this game for Iphone/iPad, with the 4.0 or later version of iOS. Come on, Sprocket is waiting… No pain, no brain.



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