The organization of this years GALA conf (Rome, 9-11 December 2015) continues also during the summer period.

As you know, the conference gathers all the main actors in the SG field and is articulated in workshops, tutorials, courses, regular conference papers and exhibition.

We already planned four interesting workshops for you:

Overmore, we are planning an exhibition for companies related to the world of SGs. It will have two parts: one dedicated to the commercial world of SG and one to the non-commercial one. The latter aims at spotting, sustaining and creating relationships with people and small companies (students of any level, professionals or amateur developers, small studios, etc.) that are interested in presenting new prototypes and products.

The GALA Conf SG Awards are devoted to honor the best serious games designed by non-commercial producers. This initiative will encourage students, PhDs, new comers of serious games in presenting their product and make the SGs market growing.

Important dates:


Any questions? Check the conference website or send an email to


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