Floody Hell

Publisher: Ruben IJpelaar (NL), Waterschap Aa en Maas (NL)

Year of Release: 2011

Audience: Professionals and Students (age: 8 up)

Appolication: Safety

Distribution: Internet – Free

Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch – Mobile (Android)


: Pick up your boots and get ready for action. A major flood is ahead. The water rises fast and the lives of your citizens are in danger. YOU have to save them!
Plunge into this adventure and get the feeling of PAC-MAN and SimCity. Beside simple but elegant fun, this game addresses learning and training. Experience the dilemmas of rescue workers and find out the most efficient way to transport people and sandbags before and during the big flood. Enjoy 4 levels of flooding action now. More levels will become available in future updates.

The educational goals of the game are:

  • Basic knowledge of water management for school kids. What are dikes, villages, roads and other geographical elements that are connected with water management and flooding in particular?
  • Creating flood awareness for kids and their parents (customers for the water board). What goes wrong if the water boards are not doing their useful work such as flood protection?
  • Focus on skills and dilemmas of rescue workers during a flood calamity. See how difficult it is to save people when time and resources are limited. Creates empathy for rescue workers in general.

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