developer: Novo Nordisk

genre: simulation ethics, role playing

educational purpose: learn about ethics in business by balancing sales targets and company reputation in decisions

target audience: new employees that will be in sales situations

H&H taxonomy class: Personal Skills (make decisions, handle responsibility, interpersonal relations), Interpersonal Skills (Conflict Management, Communication), Applied Ethics (Decision Ethics, Business Ethics)

web page:

release date: 2006

platform: Online / Browser (Flash)

Doing business globally entails many challenges, not least when working in diverse cultures where appropriate business conduct can vary greatly. The pressures of a competitive business environment make it difficult, but even more important, to make the right choices in the market place. How would you deal with business ethics issues in a day-to-day business situation? Take the business ethics challenge and find out how you ensure a balance between sales targets and company reputation.


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