developer: DHI / UNEP-DHI / Serious Games Interactive

genre: resource management simulation, strategy game, decision making, planning

educational purpose: To acquire knowledge on water resources management and learn how to perform some of its associated tasks. This entails balancing development needs with the environment and water resources as well as conflict and collaboration management of all the involved parties of the development community.

target audience: everyone interested in sustainable development, but especially targeted for entry level water managers policy makers, universities, schools.

H&H taxonomy class: Social Awareness (Environment, Social Responsibility, Education), Personal Skills (Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, Planning, Adaptation to Changes and Organization) Interpersonal Skills (Conflict Management, Communication) Ethics (Social Ethics)

web page:

release date: 2012

platform: Online (Internet browser), based on Unity

Aqua Republica is a DHI and UNEP-DHI project that focuses on the development and promotion of a not-for-profit serious game in collaboration with a number of partners. The aim of the project is to promote sustainable water resources management by sharing knowledge, to raise awareness and build capacity in some of the most critical issues in water resources management through serious gaming, where participants can experience making decisions in managing a catchment in an interactive and engaging way, and in doing so learn about the connectivity and importance of water resources, as well as the need for careful management.

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