A 3D Virtual City Environment rendering combined approach

We show the baselines and the results about a combined approach suitable to realize 3D city environments for several applications as well as Serious Games.


It takes advantage of the opportunity to address a multidisciplinary approach using jointly and collaboratively graphics engines, with different features and capabilities, databases of satellite images, GIS (Geographic Information System) maps and files, and three dimensional modeling environments.


In this way, it is possible to create complex environments by exploiting the full potential of the individual graphics engines and/or generators of three-dimensional environments, and data of different sizes and types.


For example, using a combined approach of this type, it was possible to reproduce a portion of the port of Genoa and some of its most important monuments with a 1 to 1 scale.



This kind of environment can be used for Serious Game applications where the ambient factor is relevant: for example 3D touristic virtual tours or 3D virtual learning environments where the user navigate into a faithful reproduction of the historical site and can live an immersive complete experience.

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