GALA is surveying the serious game proposition focusing on six application fields, namely Business and Management, Engineering and Manufacturing, Health and Fitness, Security, Safety and Crisis Management, Humanities and Heritage, Personal and Social Learning and Ethics. Each domain is addressed by a Special Interest Group (SIG) of GALA.

Each SIG has developed a working taxonomy to classify Serious Games according to their educational objectives. At the end of year 1 (September 2011) SIGs collected 166 titles, subdivided as follows:

39 SGs for Business and Management,

11 for Engineering and Manufacturing,

30 for Health and Fitness,

9 for Security, Safety and Crisis Management,

59 for Humanities and Heritage,

18 for Personal and Social Learning and Ethics.

Since June 2012, the web pages devoted to the SIG activities are online, you can reach them by clicking on the SIG icons on the right side of the GALA home page. Apart from giving details on the SIG activities, the SIG pages are intended to be a display for the SGs out there, with brief description and links to the games (when available). The online collection is being populated right now – we encourage our visitors to announce, test and review SGs through our site!

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