Pandora is a platform that aims at supporting training in crisis management at the level of gold commanders, through proposing scenarios including different types of interaction ( between different trainees, between the trainees and the trainer, or between the trainees and the training support system). Each scenario corresponds to a serious game applied to a specific field of crisis.

The proof of concept has been developed and brought on the case of severe weather condition (floods), hitting a region of the UK, with highly dramatic consequences, characterized between other things by high lever material damages, human casualties, and partial disruption of the functioning of and coordination between different local public organizations or authorities.

Beyond this particular scenario, Pandora’s main idea is to develop table top exercises which unlike the existing ones are sophisticated enough to provide a high degree of realism, and include a number of different dimensions. Thus, Pandora enables on the one hand to depict, analyze and model crisis scenarios with high degree of sophistication, and on the other hand to take into account the emotional features associated with the actors in charge of the crisis management. In particular, with respect to personal features, Pandora may model behaviours, assess emotions, and generate stress through the content of information delivered to the trainees, but also through the way that this information is being delivered (striking images on TV screen, telephones ringing loudly etc.)

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