Fate of the World

developer: Red Redemption

genre: Simulation game (turn-based) of world crisis event management i.r.t. environmental changes

educational purpose: Creating awareness on impact global environmental changes

target audience: general audience

H&H taxonomy class: Social Awareness (Environment, Freedom, Violence, Health, Economic Behaviors, Social Responsibility), Interpersonal Skills (Empathy, Conflict Management, ), Personal Skills (Problem Solving, Making Decisions, Adaptation to Changes, Strategic Thinking)

web page: http://fateoftheworld.net/about

release date: 2011

platform: PC

PC strategy game that simulates the real social and environmental impact of global climate change over the next 200 years.

Turn-based game, with each turn representing five years. The starting date is typically 2020, while the final date depends on the scenario. In the core interface the player chooses policies to fund in each game turn, represented by “cards”. These need to be distributed and balanced between twelve world regions, and many, such as a transition to electric cars, take several turns to implement locking up funds for the duration. The player also needs to manage public opinion with the risk of being banned from individual regions if public approval drops too low. Each scenario specifies a set of win and lose conditions, such as the amount of warming in Celsius, human development index, production, industrial or otherwise, and how many regions the player is active in.

.main screen gameplay Fate of the World

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