developer: Paladin Studios

genre: simulation for environment and energy management

educational purpose: Experience and learn about energy management and implications of decisions of energy management.

target audience: Secondary school students

H&H taxonomy class: Social Awareness (Environment, Education, Economic Behaviors), Personal Skills (Strategic Thinking, Make Decisions)

web page: http://www.enercities.eu/

release date: 2010

platform: PC/Online

Project EnerCities offered an online elearning game for young people to experience energy-related implications. The goal of the game is to create and expand virtual cities dealing with pollution, energy shortages, renewable energy etc. The game is web-based and suitable to play on low-budget computers.

The EnerCities game starts with a small village and a small pieceof land to build on. A drag-and-drop interface lets players buildstructures (e.g. residential and industrial areas, renewable /non-renewable energy sources, green zones) to expand the city. The gamer needs to balance people, planet andprofit while supplying the growing city with sufficient electricity,implementing energy conservation and CO2 emission measuresand minimizing fossil fuel use. Each player’s decision influencesthe scores for people, planet and profit. When done well, playersreceive more potential city space to expand their city and toutilise extra available game options. The game allows players toexecute several strategies and see the results of their actions onthe long term. The duration of the game is approximately 15-45minutes, depending on the player’s strategies.

Enercities screenshot

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