Elect Bilat

developer: ICT-USC

genre: simulation for negotiations and role-play

educational purpose: Negotiation in different cultural context.

target audience: US Army

H&H taxonomy class: Personal Skills (Interpersonal Relations), Interpersonal Skills (Communication, Negotiation, Multicultural Sensitivity)

web page: http://ict.usc.edu/prototypes/bilat/

release date: 2008

platform: PC


BiLAT stands for Bilateral Negotiation Trained and “is a portable-PC based training program designed with a specific objective in mind: to provide students an immersive and compelling training environment to practice their skills in conducting meetings and negotiations in a specific cultural context.”[1]

In this game, the student plays the role of an US army officer and in order to achieve the mission goals has to negotiate with the leaders of a given community. A simple mission goal would be to gather information. To be successful the player has to establish and understand the social relations as well as the cultural conventions between him and the characters he interacts with. Part of the learning process is then focused on the application of specific negotiation strategies.

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