Published in: 2018 International Conference on Digital Arts, Media and Technology (ICDAMT)


Kookiet Likitweerawong – Patison Palee

College of Arts, Media, and Technology


The serious game for learning driving skills and before taking a practical test is a virtual reality (VR) game serious game that aims at providing players the knowledge of driving or getting ready for the basic driving lessons and rules before they drive a real car on the real road. The knowledge from this game might increase the awareness and responsibility of the driver to reduce the possibility of having accidents on the road and also decreasing the number of vehicle accidents on the roads in Thailand. The game is tested on target audiences, revealing a satisfying result that the VR game can attract and encourage users to play and enjoy virtual world experience while learning basic driving skills and driving knowledge. However, the limitations of VR game are motion sickness and cost of VR devices.