Organizational Structure

The Serious Games Society has a technical structure with organizational units structured along two main dimensions: research fields and application domains.

The SGS is in development: for the beginning, some geographical regions will be better covered than others will, as it will happen for the SG research and application field.

Find here an overview of the organization of the SGS.

Currently, the chairs of the Regional Sections, Application Domains and Research Fields are:


Netherlands Remco Velkamp, UU
Italy  tbd
Spain tbd
Austria: Michael Kickmeyer-Rust, TU Graz
France tbd
Belgium tbd
Germany Dirk Ifenthaler, University of Mannheim
Greece Georgios Lepouras, University of Peloponnese
Poland tbd
Romania Ion Roceanu; National Defense University “Carol I”
Norway Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland, NTNU
Finland tbd
Sweden tbd
Denmark tbd
USA tbd
UK tbd
Ireland Neil Peirce, Trinity College
Switzerland  tbd
Australia David Gibson, Curtin University Perth


Business & Management tbd
Engineering & Manufacturing tbd
Health & Fitness tbd
Security, Safety & Crisis Management tbd
Humanities & Heritage tbd
Personal and Social Learning & Ethics tbd
Logistics tbd


Serious Games Mechanics tbd
Serious Games Design Matthias Rauterberg, TUE
Personalization & Artificial Intelligence Anna Paiva, INESC
Architecture tbd
Human-Computer Interaction Kostas Karpouzis, NTUA
Interoperability and Semantics tbd
Assessment Pablo Moreno Ger, UCM
Psychology tbd
Pedagogy Rosa Bottino, ITD-CNR
Neuroscience tbd
Simulation tbd
User Studies tbd


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