Powersaver Game

A family, avatars of the players, arrives at a dilapidated country house where a professor had caused a failed experiment. The family has to accomplish different missions to contribute on conserving energy and help ing the device to return to a normal state. All missions (e.g. washing clothes on low temperatures) take place in the […]


It is the concept that refers to a person’s ability to perceive and reproduce music. Due to its complexity, it can be best defined by different aspects of music like pitch, harmony, etc. Scientists believe that musicality is not an inherent trait possessed only by musicians but something anyone can nurture and train in themselves. […]

Lost Earth 2307

In this game players liberate the galaxy from an evil cult by accomplishing reconnaissance missions, which is to analyze aerial or satellite images, to annotate them and to report. It’s a story driven 4X strategy game where the mission results closely correlate with the further story progress and the amount of available resources. See below […]