Int.l Journal of Serious Games, Vol. 7 No. 1

We have just published the first 2020 issue of the Int.l Journal of Serious Games.

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IndustrySim Virtual Platform looking for a publisher

We are pleased to publish this communication from IndustrySim.

We are IndustrySim, a small European engineering team, developing a serious gaming platform that teaches about real-life manufacturing industry.

The IndustrySim Virtual Platform will allow to quickly build a fully-functioning model of an industrial facility, with multiple events that occur there, and then play a game of them.

Behind all scenarios that the players design and manage, there are industry-grade calculations ensuring that the created solutions would work in the real world. It makes the platform also a very effective tool to boost new ideas and innovations, especially with the planned cooperation features.

The cornerstone of the current content is the production and consumption of energy, but we aim to address many more fields of the manufacturing industry.

More info about the product, including the visuals:

We are at the Vertical Slice stage, visible in Steam store at – the game has already been wish listed by over 650 users with no advertising whatsoever.

We are now looking for a publisher for IndustrySim Virtual Platform.

Let’s discuss!

Email address, CEO Mr. Tomas Rosin:


2019 GALA SG Competition Awards!


The SGS is proud to announce the winners of the 2019 GALA Serious Game Competition:


·         1st prize: Harmoonia Save the Guardians – DASIC @LinkCampus

·         2nd prize: Communicate – Utrecht University @dialoguetrainer


·         1st prize: Sci-Ops: Global Defense – @PlayPlasmaGames

·         2nd prize: Invite Only VR – @play4rlab & @previewlabs

Based in this years special theme: impact on society and the environment,

·         jury prize: CharGED – ΕLTRUN & Athens University @H2020_CHARGED

This year, we received 24 submissions for the Academic category and 9 for the Business category.

The winning games will be presented during the GALA exhibition in Athens on the 28th of November.

We look forwards to meeting you in Athens!

Thanks to the president of the jury, Iza MARFISI-SCHOTTMAN, and all the jury members!

–          Mathieu VERMEULEN

–          Nour EL MAWAS

–          Chiara Eva CATALANO

–          Kristian KIILI

–          Wim WESTERA

–          Sébastien GEORGE

–          Ludovic HAMON

–          Pierre LAFORCADE

–          Aous KAROUI

–          Michela MORTARA

–          Giovanni  ROMAGNOLI

–          Davide MEZZOGORI

–          Kostas KARPOUZIS

GaLA Conf 2019, Athens, Call for demos!

Gala exhibition is place to show off your work, talk with the audience, gain feedback and being part of a broader community of practitioners and visionaries. This year’s theme is Impact and we are looking for serious games and projects that can have a positive effect in society, environment, human relationships etc.

We are looking for digital and non-digital games, from industry and academia (student projects are more than welcome) that are applying effective approaches to innovative ideas.

No conference participation fee for those who wishes to join only the exhibition.

Deadline: September 20, 2019

More Info here: