Wednesday, February 10, 4pm CET
Design Challenges in The Production of Serious Games for Rehabilitation
Yoones A. Sekhavat (Faculty of Multimedia, Tabriz Islamic Art University, Iran)

A rehabilitation program is an important part of recovery that can assist in the cognitive assessment and rehabilitation of patients. The focus of rehabilitation is on the enhancement of a range of motions and coordination. Although active participation and the engagement of patients during therapeutic sessions are crucial, rehabilitation activities are generally designed as repetitive tasks that make patients frustrated and tired. The design of a rehabilitation task as a therapeutic game can result in a motivating rehabilitation environment. This webinar seeks to investigate the challenges lie ahead in the design of serious games for rehabilitation. In particular, we discuss the design issues and experiences in the production of rehabilitation games.

Link to the SGS WS2021a slides by prof. Sekhavat.

Wednesday, February 17, 4pm CET
Collaborative Vs. Competitive Approaches in the Design of Attention Training Games Through Brain-Computer Interfaces
Yoones A. Sekhavat (Faculty of Multimedia, Tabriz Islamic Art University)

Attention training games can use brainwaves as auxiliary inputs to increase the attention level of players in an engaging environment. This webinar seeks to compare competitive reinforcement and collaborative reinforcement approaches to increase a desired behavior in multi-player attention training games by adjusting game properties. The focus of the competitive reinforcement is on increasing the sense of competition between players to encourage a desired behavior, while the collaborative reinforcement emphasizes on the collaboration between players. To compare these approaches, we will discuss the experience of developing a multi-player attention training game based on the car racing scenario that employs EEG devices to receive the attention level of players in the game.

Link to the SGS WS2021b slides by prof. Sekhavat.