A motion-based game where two teams compete in a mix between football and Pong. Points are scored by guiding a laser pulse towards the opponent’s goal. Using their whole body, players control a virtual ‘mirror’ that reflects the laser pulse.

League of Lasers utilizes the augmented reality capabilities of the Microsoft HoloLens to create a unique sport like experience that is fully immersive and physically engaging, creating a synergy between video games and sports.

The game was designed to bring people together and have them socialise in a novel and approachable manner. By creating a competitive team-based experience, players are stimulated to cooperate and interact with each other. League of Lasers also immerses the audience, by means of a spectator view, creating an experience akin to watching your favourite sport. Not only are players engaged and stimulated to interact, so is the audience.

The Demo was presented at the Exhibition space in GaLA Conf 2018 https://conf.seriousgamessociety.org/.

The authors really enjoyed seeing everyone running around and having fun playing League of Lasers during the demonstrations.

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