An art installation created by Finnish artist Suvi Solkio in cooperation with Kajaani Art Museum and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

This game is meant to evoke in plavyers emotional responses and the same feelings of the original nightmares such as fear, excitement, sadness, confusion, anxiety etc. but in a safe environment and inside a virtual reality. The game contains some scary scenarios and it is aimed particularly at player above age 16.

Blanket heavy with nightmares can be played in high powered desktop Computer, but the experience has been designed to virtual reality so it is heavily suggested that the testing of the game is done in virtual reality if possibly.

The game will be placed in contemporary art museums in order to make more people interested in both the art installation and the technological aspect surrounding of the virtual reality production. It can also be used as a tool for museum and art education.

Demo presented at the Exhibition space in GaLA Conference 2018

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