MUV turns mobility into a sport!

After downloading the app, users can track their sustainable travels (on foot, by bike, by public transport) and get points with which they can challenge their neighbours, rise in rankings and be rewarded with trophies and real gifts.

MUV makes local stakeholders cooperate with the aim of being better citizens in happier citi-es. Data collected by MUV are shared as Open Data and valorised by active communities, city planners and local stakeholders co-design more effective urban policies.
MUV touchpoints and processes have been co-designed with local communities.

According to PUSH (Design Lab for Social and Urban Innovation) during the demo session at Gala Conference most of the participants were interested and appreciated the graphic design and the user experience. Being a travel-based app, it wasn’t easy to get it fully tested. However, most of the feedback was positive.

Demo presented at the Exhibition space in GaLA Conf 2018

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