XVR in use for airport rescue training in European “CRISIS” project

DELFT, 27 August 2012 – The partners in the European project “CRISIS” have chosen E-Semble to provide the project’s simulation platform. The aim of the project is to research, develop and test a fully integrated virtual reality simulation tool to train silver and gold incident commanders at the airports of Lisbon and Reykjavik and at the British Transport Police. The choice for E-Semble’s simulation software means that XVR will be used to create the innovative project deliverables for airport rescue training.

In the project, E-Semble’s XVR platform is used as a simulation base to visualise an incident and affected region in 3D, and to provide maps and a logistics overview. The integrated solution contains a state-of-the-art time-line planning; a controller and evaluation module; a decision support and knowledge management module to reduce instructor workload; an observer view; and a checklist module. The project will lead to innovations in the field of VR training because of the high importance that is attached to the interactivity of the system.

XVR is already used for airport rescue and fire fighting training in Estonia, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom: soon it will also be used in Portugal and Iceland. The major advantage of training using virtual reality simulation is that organizations can train on demand, and as frequently as needed.

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