Titus 20 Apps (Games) for Play-Based Learning

Learning shouldn’t be fun! At least that’s what people used to think. But with the increase in digital technology, games on tablets, smartphones and PC’s have skyrocketed in popularity.

Parents love educational games because it gives their children the entertainment they crave while keeping their minds active and engaged. On road trips, at doctor’s offices or just about anywhere, parents now have the ability to reach for their preferred piece of technology, open up an app and engage the brain of their child. The best part is, the child does not feel like they are learning or doing something “educational” so they love it too.

But why games instead of good, old-fashioned multiplication tables and grammar drills? Games open children up to absorb the information that is being presented to them in a different way. While playing a game, children enjoy learning instead of feeling forced to do homework or something they do not want to. This helps the learning process occur more naturally which in turn allows the student to achieve their goals without realizing they are bettering their mind.

Here are the top 20 educational apps that parents and children can use together to learn, grow and have healthy fun.




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