The Serious Games Society was born from the FP7-funded GALA Network of Excellence on Serious Games. One of the most prominent features on the GALA website was a blog where GALA members could share their experiences and write about their latest innovations on serious games.

Over the last three years there have been more than 100 posts from all 31 partners in the network, as well as some very relevant invited posts.

Now that the GALA project is coming to an end, we hope that the spirit of the GALA blog will continue here in the Serious Games Society, bringing together the momentum from the GALA consortium and the new dynamic power generated by the members of the Serious Games Society.

We will strive to maintain this medium as a relevant outlet for serious games news, thoughts, research and predictions, always serving the serious games community.

Thank you for following us, and please feel free to contribute to the blog.

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