Sum – Cultural Serious Game

Developer: Virtualware

Client:  Ministry of Culture, Spain

Genre: 3D adventure

Educational purpose: Cultural identity, tourism, history of Spain

Target audience: K16

H&H taxonomy class: Cultural Awareness

Platforms: web and mobile (Android)


 Virtualware developed a video game aimed at Spanish teenagers in which players have to find the cultural identity of the different people involved. It’s an adventure in which the four main characters have to use their skills and different tools to face different challenges and solve riddles. Along the way, they discover famous Spanish historical figures, their artwork, text, music, inventions, languages and traditions that have all formed part of today’s culture.By playing, the users acquire new knowledge related to the history of Spain in an entertaining and engaging way. It’s a game that combines the history of the past with the world today, and mixes  subjects such as art, science, literature and music.

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