SGS session at GO-WELL conference, Budapest

On June 14-15, the EAI International Conference on Games fOr WELL-being (GO-WELL) will take place in Budapest. The Serious Games Society organized a session (technical session 2b), on different aspects of gaming in the field of health and wellbeing,  including 5 papers:


  • H. Hlavacs, Rebecca Wölfle, K. Peters, D. Martinek, J. Kuczwara, F. Kayali, A. Reithofer, R. Mateus-Berr, B. Brunmair, S. Lehner, A. Lawitschka, “Usability and Fun of the INTERACCT Client” (Invited)
  • A. Cavallo, A. Robaldo, F. Ansovini, I. Carmosino A. De Gloria, “Gamification of a System for Real Time Monitoring of Posture” (Invited)
  • E. J. Schek, F. Mantovani, O. Realdon, J. Dias , A. Paiva , S. Schramm-Yavin, R. Pat-Horenczyk, “Positive Technologies for Promoting Emotion Regulation abilities in Adolescents”
  • M. C. Carruba, “Technology for well-being at school. App iNclusion by CeDisMa: a support for teachers to teach inclusively, for students to really learn.”
  • L. Milani, S. Ambrosioni, P. Di Blasio, “Interacting With Videogames In Adolescence: Effects Of Graphic Visualization On Perceived Presence And Visuospatial Competences”


Please find the full program on the conference website.

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