Two weeks ago I did attend a conference held by the Executive MBA Council. More than 250 Executive MBS schools around the world are members of the council and all aspects of running an Executive MBA is discussed and evaluated during the yearly conference. As in any conference there are a number of exhibitors that based their business on delivering services to the Executive MBA schools. Far the largest group of exhibitors is the companies that organize international study trips. The rest of the exhibitors are normally publishers. However, this year a new group of exhibitors represented the second largest group. This group is offering Serious Game to support  professional education at a management level. It was fascinating to see the variety of offerings and also to see that prices of the offerings were going down. What  fascinates me is that the development has been intensified dramatically the last year. In the GaLA project we will make sure to follow up on this development and to get a  good review from both the schools and the end-users.

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