This year on September 12 CMRE organized a Family Day, a big event where all staff members, partners and contractors were invited to visit the Centre with their familiars. The Centre was visited by over 300 persons with several demonstrations organized to show what CMRE is doing.

Presentations were organized in the SIM LAB – the modelling and simulation and serious game laboratory –. In particular children (but also adults sometimes took the opportunity…) were encouraged to play and learn some basic elements of the extended maritime framework. Different areas such as the underwater world and harbours were addressed in order to understand some basic safety and security issues and it was possible to drive trucks, vessels and different cranes. There was also the opportunity to learn something about the history of pirates on the coasts of ancient Liguria.

The visit of so many people was also an opportunity to collect data on games and so questionnaires were provided to the visitors. Children who participated were awarded with a gift and a diploma.

During the Family Day over 250 persons visited the laboratory and had the opportunity to play with the games and test simulators on over 15 workstations.



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