DVx2 stays for Distributed Virtual eXperience and eXercise and represents an innovative approach to present interactively the NATO DAT PoW Achievements by using Serious Games (SG) and Simulation as a Service (SaaS) Paradigms.

DVx2 project is indeed developed by NATO STO CMRE by applying distributed interoperable Modeling & Simulation and web based Serious Games approaches to defense against terrorism.

DVx2 supports distributed exercising and experiencing: users are able to make decisions and to estimate different parameters of DAT scenarios, while DVx2 interoperable stochastic simulator evaluates consequences of the different alternatives. DVx2 summarizes the results in terms of vulnerability reduction, effectiveness and efficiency in with DAT PoW achievements.

DVx2 scenarios are represented dynamically by an immersive synthetic environment where the users are able to finalize hypotheses, parameters, solutions and decisions. In the virtual world are also presented simulation final results and risk statistics byb an intuitive representation.

A major benefit of DVx2 is its capability to engage DAT Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): indeed they will log-in and play different DVx2 DAT scenarios (e.g. counter IED, JISR and CBRN) under diverse conditions. So DVx2 represents an innovative crowd-sourcing framework able to collect and test SME expertise in a virtual world in order to support benchmarking on DAT achievements. Such a knowledge based system could further evolve as a future asset for training and planning.

Currently, DVx2 adopts a scalable architecture designed to stress the powerful concept of crowd sourcing, allowing to widen the user community and to create and maintain an up-to-date repository of reliable data from heterogeneous sources.

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