As part of the ELLIOT project Serious Games have been used for requirements elicitation and service prototyping. The ELLIOT project is about helping users and citizens co-create new Internet-of-Things services. One of the pilots was the use of serious gaming to build prototype internal logistics processes and test them in a lab-setting. The co-creators were engineering students at the University of Bremen who used the Arduino IoT hardware components to build sensors and IoT capable devices. These were attached to logistics devices. The students then built intelligent agents for controlling the logistics devices and defined logistics processes to be executed by them. By using this experimental and experiential approach the students were able to get a better understanding of the operation of logistics processes and how to control them. Through using the serious game approach where prototypes were built in the lab, students were able to experiment with them without risk to actual industrial processes. They could also take the time to refine and debug the execution of the logistics processes – something which there is very little time for in industry.

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