The ACIS team from RWTH Aachen University is participating in the EU TEMPUS Joint Project SAGE. It aims to enhance the capacity of the four partner universities in Tunisia and Palestine by enabling them to develop a sustainable curriculum in Serious Games and integrate this curriculum into their existing Computer Science programs.

The project objective is to develop and implement the total of 8 courses in Serious Games in partner country universities, using e-learning in teaching. Moreover, serious games teaching case studies with emphasis on educational game will be developed and integrated to the pathway courses. Also the adoption of the Bologna system (together with QA procedures and ECTS) will be promoted. An important activity will be establishing state of the art teaching environment including Serious Games computer lab.

The direct target groups of SAGE are the staff of the four partner country institutions, particularly the staff, and students on undergraduate computer science and computer engineering program. This regional project also aims to enhance the cooperation between universities in the region and with EU partner institutions.

Our team leads the work on Teaching Material for Serious Games and Gamification Courses. In addition, we contribute expertise and coordination activities in other content production tasks, in the setup of the SG lab, in conceiving cross-course case studies, as well as in staff and student exchange. We will also deliver tutor training, teach pilot courses at the partner universities, and host students of partner universities for study visits.


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